Business Growth along Ennis-Joslin Attributed to Growing Student Population at TAMUCC

Business Growth along Ennis-Joslin Attributed to Growing Student Population at TAMUCC

Ennis Joslin Road not only runs along the campus of A&M Corpus Christi, it is playing a big role in the school’s expansion. Lots of University students call many of the apartments along Ennis Joslin ‘home’ and with the University expanding, so is the housing market. 
Driving along Ennis Joslin this is what you’ll see: brand new apartment complexes, restaurants, bars and other businesses.

Apartment complexes like “Campus Quarters” aren’t directly affiliated with the University, but tailor their amenities to students. 

Traci Vega‑Taylor, Leasing Manager with Campus Quarters, said “We are a fully furnished apartment complex and we are individually leased meaning that we sign leases per person so every person can feel secure that they’re signing a lease for themselves and they’re responsible for themselves only.”
According to Texas A&M Corpus Christi University officials, in the last five years the school has grown by more than 2,000 students. As of Fall 2016, student enrollment was at 12,202.

Amanda Drum, Executive Director for Strategic Engagement Initiatives at TAMUCC said “TAMUCC is very proud of the University, very proud of the City and we’re so excited that we’ve been able to make a positive impact on the City as well as our students.”

As for businesses that have been around like “Pizza State” who has been in operation for ten years now, they welcome the student population and employ several students and look forward to the continuing growth of Ennis Joslin.

Megan Hinkie, Assistant Manager with Pizza State said “It’s nice to see Corpus as a whole growing. I think it’s offering a lot for young people and people to not only come down here for school but also to stay after they graduate too.”

Private complexes like Campus Quarters welcome both students and non‑students and those who are looking for a student‑only environment, should check out the University’s “Momentum Village” Apartments which are also located on Ennis Joslin.

By Priscilla Torres