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Michael Beaty

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Michael Beaty is President of Mooreland Development a multi‑discipline Land Development and Construction Company based in Dallas, TX.

Founded in 2002, Mooreland Development and its related entities have closed, entitled, and developed over $180 million in property and buildings in the DFW Metroplex. Highlights of this work include 928 single‑family lots developed on over 975 acres of land in combination with planning and entitlement of 3000+ units of multi‑family and 4m sq. ft. of vertically‑integrated, mixed‑use commercial and residential units. Vertical Construction Projects include 75 residences ranging from 800 sq. ft. starter homes that sold for $80,000 up to carefully‑crafted multi‑million dollar homes on acreage estates.

One of Mr. Beaty’s keys to success is the fostering of Public‑Private Partnerships with the governing Municipality for each project. These partnerships range from Developer’s Agreements that include Impact Fee Waivers and direct Public Infrastructure Reimbursements to an all‑encompassing Public‑Private Infrastructure Finance package that typically includes the creation of a PID, TIF, TIRZ and/or an MMD. These types of joint ventures represent how all large‑scale development projects will be constructed and financed moving forward. Through these Public‑Private Partnerships, Mr. Beaty’s projects have been able to benefit from the availability of over $100m in Public‑Private financing and reimbursements for public infrastructure including water, sanitary sewer, storm drainage, paving, public parking and public park improvements.

The underlying thesis of the previous 15 years for Mr. Beaty has been the identification, study, and analysis of the best‑of‑market, new development strategies that culminate in the current zoning documents being used in Westlake Entrada and CC Barisi. Mr. Beaty spent 18 months traveling the country researching vertically‑integrated, mixed‑use, master‑planned residential and commercial developments as preparation for new projects in the Dallas market. This knowledge base creates the legislative, zoning, and entitlement foundation upon which Mooreland can plan, and develop each new Village in Partnership with Blackard.

Prior to Mooreland Development, Mr. Beaty was given the unique opportunity of working with Jeffory Blackard as Partner and CIO for Blackard Developments. In 2000, upon completion of his residency and coursework for his PhD at Virginia Tech, Mr. Beaty joined the Blackard Team with the primary goal of leveraging information technology to the advantage of the Team and its Partners.

While at Virginia Tech, Michael Beaty’s PhD work was funded through a research grant from HUD. His Dissertation and research efforts involved an all‑inclusive historical research of residential development and construction means & methods while looking for ways to industrialize the process. Mr. Beaty also completed his MS and BS at Virginia Tech, with his Master’s work in Construction Management and his undergraduate work focused on Structural Engineering.